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Year Round Tax Services

We specialize in small business and individual tax returns; let us help you with you with filing your income tax returns, extensions or amending your returns:
  • Individual income tax returns
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Limited liability Company
  • Limited liability Partnerships
  • Partnerships
  • Corporations
  • Nonprofit organizations

Auditing prior year tax returns

By auditing your prior year tax returns by a licensed tax professional, you can have peace of mind knowing your income tax forms have been filed properly, without any inconsistencies or mistakes; in case you prepared and filed your income taxes yourself, are sure you took advantage of all the tax deductions available for you? Do you know if you itemized all the proper expenses? 99% of income tax filers will answer NO, and that is because less than 1% is a tax professional.

You donít have to pay for us to review your 3 prior year income tax returns, if we find any mistakes or inconsistencies, we will let you know right away and let you know what options you have.

Keep in mind that if you didnít request an unclaimed income tax refund before the 3 year window period, youíll lose it forever. Donít let them keep your hard earned money!

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Bookkeeping Services

For Individuals: we can help you with your basic bookkeeping needs. If you need to keep track of your deductions (medical expenses, work related expenses, mileage, mortgage, property taxes, etc), dependants expenses (baby sitter, school expenses, college expenses, etc) we can help you

For Business: If you own a business, or youíre thinking on starting one, we can help you with your business bookkeeping (rent, auto, utilities, lunch, office supplies, electronic equipment, bank interests, etc)

QuickBooks set up and tutoring

Do you want to keep track of your personal or business expenses? We can help you choose, install and set up the right bookkeeping software. We provide basic QuickBooks training, so you can have peace of mind by knowing you stay in control.